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  • Mrs. Linda S. Reynolds

    Licensed Mental Health Counselor MA, LMHC

    For the last 35 years, I have been a clinician, working with various populations, taking numerous trainings myself as well as training others. As of late, I am seeing many more older folks with health ...


    Genesis Counseling, 12557 New Brittany Blvd Ste 31-2 Fort Myers, FL

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  • 703-922-0443

    6092 Franconia Rd Alexandria, VA

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  • Mrs. Kathryn G Burckbuchler

    Licensed Mental Health Counselor LMHC, MA, Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor

    Sometimes you need someone to walk alongside you and help you deal with issues and hurts in your life. From a Christian perspective, I hope to help you release the hold of the past upon your ...


    600 Sandtree Dr. Ste. 205 Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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  • Mrs. Kathy Barton

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker LCSW, MSW


    Kathy Barton, LLC, 1650 Milverton Dr. Troy, MI

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  • Mrs. Bethany Mitchell

    Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor MA, LCPC

    I've been fortunate to walk alongside clients as they pursue personal growth and healing. I enjoy seeing the life changes that can follow. Those things nudging you towards therapy can vary from small reasons ...


    Bethany Mitchell, MA, LCPC, 4305 N. Lincoln St. Chicago, IL

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