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  • Dr. Fazeeda Abdur-Rahman

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker PhD, LCSW

    Women go through unique challenges that can be overwhelming at times. Included in those challenges may be role strain related to being a mate, a worker, a parent, and a family member, among other roles. While ...


    Fazeeda Abdur-Rahman, Ph.D., Fresh Meadows, NY

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  • Mrs. Rachelle Colegrove

    Licensed Professional Counselor Rachelle Colegrove, MA, LPC, CST

    Struggling marriages are my speciality. I think marriage should be more than just endured! It should be AMAZING! I have been trained at Focus Marriage Institute and I often follow up with clients who have been through ...


    Colegrove Counseling & Coaching, Nixa, MO

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  • Ms. Jeannan Haygood

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker LCSW

    While I have experience working with men, women, and adolescents, my specialty is working with women who have been abused or are currently struggling in a difficult relationship. In a therapeutic relationship, your self-esteem can dramatically ...


    8911 Regents Park Dr., Suite 510 Tampa, FL

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  • Mr. Brian Boehm

    Licensed Professional Counselor LPC, LAC


    Trail Ridge Counseling, 1715 Iron Horse Dr., Ste 250-1 Longmont, CO

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  • Dr. Mark Glover

    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist DMiN, LCMFT, LCAC, CSAT

    Experienced with both congregations and court systems, Mark has a breadth that allows him to help families and individuals. He helps deal with challenges using pre-marital and marital therapy; depression, anxiety, and addiction treatments, as ...

    620-662-1283 Ext. 15

    Christian Therapy Mediation Services, 4290 N. Monroe St. Hutchison, KS

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