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  • Mrs. Terrie Martinez

    Licensed Professional Counselor MA, LPC

    Terrie Martinez, owner of Martinez Counseling, is a licensed counselor certified in sex addiction through The American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy. She works with individuals who struggle with sex addiction and/or intimacy anorexia and their ...


    Martinez Counseling, 702 Elkton Drive Colorado Springs, CO

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  • Mr. John Kasten

    Licensed Professional Counselor MA, LCPC


    1476 Broadway Bangor, ME

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  • Mr. Matt Pavlik

    Licensed Professional Counselor MA, LPCC-S

    Help with recovery from infidelity, poor self-image, abuse, neglect, and trauma. Help with communication, promoting understanding, forming a strong Christian identity, career counseling, and conflict resolution. Help for Marriages and Individuals.


    New Reflections Counseling, Inc., 267 Regency Ridge Dr. Dayton, OH

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  • Dr. Piper Glasier

    Psychologist (licensed) MSW, PSYD, LCSW

    I provide professional, caring psychotherapy with a focus on learning the themes and dynamics that were established during one's upbringing that play a role in the ability to function successfully in life in the present. ...


    Piper Glasier Psychotherapy, 25301 Cabot Rd Ste 216 Laguna Hills, CA

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  • Dr. Rebecca Propst

    Psychologist (licensed) MA, PHD

    People often come to me in emotional pain, either because of a current painful or destructive life experience or relationship, or because of such relationships in the past. I endeavor to help my Christian ...


    9310 SW 18th Pl Portland, OR

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