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  • Dr. Marti E Peck

    Psychologist (licensed) Ph.D., Psychologist (licensed)

    When people come to see me for assistance, they are generally in a current state of distress. My approach is first to clarify what is troubling and to begin to identify its causes. Then, only after ...


    Marti E. Peck, Ph.D., 3990 Ol Town Avenue, Suite B100 San Diego, CA

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  • Mrs. Wendy Kaiser

    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist LMFT

    A lot of people struggle with anxiety and depression. Sometimes it is an occasional battle, and sometimes it can be chronic. As Christians, we want to be sure that whatever we do to overcome ...

    619-858-3105 Ext. X142

    Center for Enriching Relationships, 11665 Avena PL Ste. 108 San Diego, CA

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  • Mrs. Saranne Wilson

    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist MA, LMFT


    4700 Spring Street #307 La Mesa, CA

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  • Dr. Ryan Wilke

    Psychiatrist DO

    My clinical practice focuses on aligning and attuning my patients’ Mind, Will and Emotions with the eternal principles that are fundamental to our Christian heritage. I also focus on the medial needs of my patients, ...

    858-592-0995 Ext. 108

    Family Counseling Center, 11440 West Bernardo Court Ste 272 San Diego, CA

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  • Mrs. Yisook Baik

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker LSCW, MSW

    I believe in the power of words. I also believe in the power of freedom which comes from knowing the truth. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free(John 8:32). As ...


    Elim Counseling Center for Family and Community, 7825 Engineer RD Suite 203-E San Diego, CA

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