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  • Ms. Elly Fung

    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Elly Fung, MA, MDiv, LMFT

    I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and have years of experience working with individuals, families, and couples at various clinical settings. Other than my therapy work with individuals, couples, and families at outpatient setting, ...


    Aletheia Counseling, 0 Governors Ave Medford, MA

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  • Dr. Susan Harrington

    Licensed Mental Health Counselor M.Ed., Dmin, LMHC

    I’m a counselor with experience in many areas specializing in various types of treatment. Some of these areas are Women’s issues, marital and family as well as trauma, phobias, anxiety and pain management for those ...


    1620 Massachusetts Ave Lexington, MA

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  • Dr. John G. Mulvihill

    Drug & Alcohol Counselor M.Div., D.Min., Drug & Alcohol Counselor -LADC-1

    I have been in pastoral ministry for 19 years, and in mental health for 25+ as a crisis clinician, with extensive administrative and executive leadership responsibilities. I have counseled people with drug and alcohol addictions, marital conflicts ...


    Aenon Counseling, 225 Main Street Wenham, MA

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