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  • Ms. Christine Ponce Miller

    Licensed Professional Counselor M.Ed, LPC

    With twenty seven year of working with both Christian and secular counseling agencies, I have had the privilege of seeing many individuals undergo positive changes. In addition to previous administrative and supervisory roles in both public ...


    Christine Ponce Miller, Christian Counseling, Ann Arbor, MI

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  • Ms. Tammy Cover

    Licensed Professional Counselor MS, LPC

    Does this sound familiar? In a split second you find yourself transforming internally from a mature adult who can handle life to a child, vulnerable and frightened. If only you could stop going back THERE, to that ...


    Tammy J Cover, Magnolia, TX

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  • Dr. James Anthony Natter

    Psychologist (licensed) Psy. D.

    Because I view each person as a universe of one, especially created in the reflection of God, I love to explore with each person their spiritual, emotional, relational, physical, and community aspects. I enjoy walking ...


    Central DuPage Pastoral Counseling Center, 507 Thornhill Dr. Carol Stream, IL

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  • 786-573-7010

    Wellspring Counseling Center, 14401 Old Cutler Rd Palmetto Bay, FL

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  • Mrs. Melody Richards

    Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor MA, LPCC

    Some seasons of life are difficult and can leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed and hopeless. Please don’t feel like you have to go through the valleys alone. I care…and want to guide you through your ...


    Hope Renewed Counseling, 13210 45th Avenue N. Plymouth, MN

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