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  • Dr. Rob Pramann

    Psychologist (licensed) PhD, ABPP (Group Psychology)

    801-268-1564 Ext. 3

    Christian Counseling Centers of Utah, 525 E 4500 S Salt Lake City, UT

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  • Mrs. Kelly S Zentner

    Licensed Professional Counselor LPC-S


    Stepping Forward Christian Counseling, 19115 FM 2252 Ste 16 Garden Ridge, TX

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  • Mrs. Simone Verrone

    Licensed Professional Counselor Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC, TBRI, EMDR Certified


    Denver Counseling Clinic LLC, 789 Sherman St., Suite 650 Denver, CO

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  • Mrs. Sheila Jean Marker

    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist MA, LMFT

    The ideal client is anyone who is willing to acknowledge his/her struggles, put in the effort to find resolution and to continue the effort, especially when things get hard. I am the owner of Life ...


    Life Renewal Counseling LLC, 3000 County Road 42 West Burnsville, MN

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  • Dr. Gregory Bottaro

    Psychologist (licensed) PsyD

    We are a Catholic practice treating the human person as understood through the lens of being made in the Image of God. Jesus Christ is the model human and every disorder can be best understood through ...


    CatholicPsych Institute, 179 Hamilton Ave Greenwich, CT

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