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  • Mrs. Janette Stallings

    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner MA, MSN, APRN, PMHHP-BC

    As a board certified psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, I have been trained in medication management and psychotherapy. My goal is to help people experiencing mental health challenges (from depression and anxiety to bipolar and psychosis) to ...


    Janette Stallings Professional Services, LLC, 706 N. 129th Street Omaha, NE

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  • Mrs. Rhoda Brittany Banks

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker LCSW


    Rhoda Banks LCSW, LLC, 246 Federal Rd. Ste. C-33 Brookfield, CT

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  • Dr. Karen D. Struble

    Psychologist (licensed) Ph.D.

    I love working with kids! Starting even before birth, the next generation is my specialty. I enjoy helping families find help, hope, and healing from whatever difficulties life has brought them.


    Karen D. Struble, Ph.D., PLLC, Hillsborough, NC

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  • Dr. George Solovjev

    Psychologist (licensed) PsyD

    I am a coach for the game of life. I have extensive experience working with children, teenagers, and adults. My specialties include Adhd, defiance, depression, anxiety, divorce recovery and family conflict. I have a history ...


    Windstone Health Services, 1774 N Glassell St. Orange, CA

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  • Dr. Stephen Huggins

    Psychologist (licensed) PSYD

    An individual who is aware of the life problem with which they are concerned and is motivated to seek help and change. The person is willing to take initiative and do their best to use ...


    1326 NW Civic Drive Gresham, OR

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