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  • Mr. Jon Soileau

    Licensed Professional Counselor MA, PLPC, LPC, NCC

    People truly begin to heal the moment they feel heard and understood. I aspire to provide all individuals with compassion, unconditional support, helpful insight, and the relief of burdens. In this space, you have the freedom ...


    Serenity Life Resource Center, 107 W 9th St Kansas City, MO

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  • Mrs. Shannon Brandes

    Licensed Mental Health Counselor LMHC

    If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, phase of life problems, marital issues, behavioral addictions and more, we can work together to decrease the severity of these issues in your life as we look at God's ...


    Balance Becomes You, LLC, Cape Coral, FL

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  • Mrs. Karen Haynes Gutherless

    Licensed Mental Health Counselor MA, MACC, LIMHP, CPC

    Karen earned a MA in Christian Counseling from Columbia Evangelical Seminary in 2001 and another MA in Community Counseling form Chadron State in 2008 and has been a fully licensed mental health practitioner since 2012. ...


    Karen L Gutherless, MA, LIMHP, CPC Rugged Pathways Counseling Services, 102 E 3rd Ste. 103 North Platte, NE

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  • Mr. MT Wilson

    Licensed Professional Counselor MS, LPC, PCC

    I have three passions that drive my calling as a professional: (1) Leading Christian men away from sexual sin and towards a life consistent with their deeper identity in Christ (2) Resourcing Christian parents who have concerns about ...


    Intentional Hearts Inc, Colorado Springs, CO

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  • Mrs. Mandy Hubbard

    Licensed Professional Counselor MA, LPC

    If you are looking for a caring, thoughtful, humorous, straight-talking woman who will hold the desires of your heart with tenderness and help point you back to a healthy relationship with God, please contact me. I ...


    Mandy Hubbard Counseling, 16500 Indian Creek Parkway, Ste 106 Olathe, KS

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