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  • 704-402-3101

    Gateway Counseling, 20901 Torrence Chapel Rd. #101 Cornelius, NC

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  • Rev. Hiram Johnson

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker MA, MSW, LCSW


    2900 US Hwy 98 Ste. A305 Daphne, AL

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  • Mrs. Dana Wright

    Licensed Professional Counselor Med, LPC

    Dana Wright, LPC I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and earned my Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Tech University and my Masters of Education in Counseling from West Texas A & M University. I have been ...


    Dana Wright, LPC, 11209 N. May Oklahoma City, OK

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  • Dr. Grace Wong

    Psychiatrist MD


    Capella Behavioral Health PC, 6500 S QUEBEC ST STE 300 Englewood, CO

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  • Dr. Christopher H. Rosik

    Psychologist (licensed) PHD

    559-439-2647 Ext. 142

    Link Care Center, 1734 W Shaw Ave Fresno, CA

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