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  • Dr. Diana Morgan

    -- Select One -- MS, PHD, LSW


    3620 N High St Ste 207 Columbus, OH

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  • Ms. Heather Renee Hart

    Licensed Professional Counselor LPC


    Healing Heart Ministry LLC, 7856 Westside Park Dr. Ste. L Mobile, AL

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  • Dr. Ned Stringham

    Psychologist (licensed) MA, PhD


    Resource Counseling Center, LLC, 7121 A St., Ste 101 Lincoln, NE

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  • Mrs. Dee Lundgren

    Licensed Professional Counselor MA, LPC

    Grace College--Masters in Counseling University of Illinois--Marketing/Business Administration Life Coach Certification--American Association of Christian Counselors New Life Ministries (Stephen Arterburn)--intensive facilitator and network counselor


    Dee Lundgren, One Oxford Valley, Suite 814 Langhorne, PA

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  • Mr. Richard Ferguson

    Licensed Mental Health Counselor MS, LMHC


    100 White Spruce Blvd Ste L303 Rochester, NY

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