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  • Mrs. Ellyn Marsh, LPC

    Licensed Professional Counselor MS, LPC

    I graduated from Southern Nazarene University in 1995 with MSCP and received my Oklahoma Professional Counselor License in 1997. I have been in private practice at Northwest Mental Health Associates, 3832 N. Meridian, Oklahoma City, ...


    Ellyn Marsh Counseling, 3832 N Meridian Ave Oklahoma City, OK

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  • Mr. Paul Edward Kaschel

    Psychologist (licensed) DPHIL

    Seeking Godly counsel is encouraged in the Bible. It is interesting that even coming to the decision to seek help is a move in the direction that God wants us to go. Its an admission that ...


    Forest Lakes Counseling, 954 Business Park Dr Traverse City, MI

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  • Dr. Loren Paul Hubin

    Psychologist (licensed) PhD

    I see it as a significant privilege to be given opportunity to enter into the challenges, pain, and pursuits of growth presented by courageous seekers of help. My aim and commitment is to bring an ...


    Arden Woods Psychological Services, 900 Long Lake Rd, Suite 320 New Brighton, MN

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  • Mr. Robert Rauworth

    Licensed Professional Counselor LCPC

    Bob is an LCPC whose focus it on revitalizing and strengthening emotional health for individuals, couples, and families. Bob helps clients to recognize that they have the God-given strengths and innate personal resources to create and ...


    Revived Lives Counseling, 2430 Plainfield Rd. Ste. 2D Crest Hill, IL

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  • 570-575-8620

    Lighted Path Counselingof Pennsylvania, LLC, 2018 North Main Ave. Scranton, PA

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