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  • Mrs. Joy James

    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist MA, LMFT


    1065 S. Main Bldg. D Ste. J Las Cruces, NM

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  • Dr. Jason Berman

    Psychologist (licensed) MA, Ph.D.

    I regularly work with people who come from painful or traumatic life experiences or conflicted /neglectful families of origin. These are individuals who have jobs, who are moms and dads, have careers but in their interior ...


    Jason S Berman, PhD, PLLC, 12830 Hillcrest Rd., Ste D-111 Dallas, TX

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  • Mrs. Tanya Hargrove

    Licensed Professional Counselor MA, LPC, CPCS


    Keystone Counseling, 275 Country Club Dr Stockbridge, GA

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  • Mrs. Jenny Coffey

    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist LMFT

    Connecting with clients on a deep level is absolutely vital as a therapist. I take pride in getting to know YOU personally, and tend to take more of a coaching role throughout therapy. Our sessions together ...


    Jenny Coffey Counseling, 6055 Lehman Dr Ste 102 Colorado Springs, CO

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  • Mrs. Priscilla Gilbert


    POSTPARTUM DISTRESS, GRIEF, IDENTITY, and LIFE TRANSITIONS are my favorite areas to address in counseling. I will work with you to move through the struggles, transitions, symptoms, and questions in order to reach your goals, refocus, ...


    Lacamas Counseling, 3400 SE 196th Ave, Ste 102 Camas, WA

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