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  • Mrs. Barbara Bertch

    Licensed Professional Counselor LPC


    Barbara Bertch Counseling, 2501 Parkview Dr. Ste 405 Fort Worth, TX

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  • Dr. Deborah S Cole

    Psychologist (licensed) PsyD

    I consider it a honor to walk on this journey with you as you seek to find a better path or a better way of being on the path you have been given. I hope ...


    Deborah Cole, Psy.D., 8840 Stanford Blvd Columbia, MD

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  • Mrs. Julynn Mullenix

    Licensed Professional Counselor MA, LPC, NCC

    I have been in private practice since 2000. I love connecting people with good support systems so that therapy is only part of the picture. Books, workbooks, journaling, support groups, seminars, workshops, and ...


    Julynn Mullenix Counseling Services, 2155 Hollow Brook Dr. Colorado Springs, CO

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  • Mrs. Nancy Carlson

    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist LIMFT, LIMHP, LPC, MS


    Counseling Enrichment Center, 710 Burlington St. Holdrege, NE

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  • Mrs. Marcia Jean Sinkovitz

    Licensed Professional Counselor MS, LPC, NCC

    Counseling has always been a love of mine because I too once needed therapy with someone who was authentic, transparent and caring. I welcome newcomers and those who are in need of on-going treatment. ...


    Covenant Counseling Center, Newville, PA

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