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  • Mr. Richard Mehl

    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist MDiv, MFT


    Richard Mehl MFT, 23185 La Cadena Dr. Ste. 104 Laguna Hills, CA

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  • Ms. Mary Anderson

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker LCSW, MSW


    104 S Cascade Ave Ste. 111 Colorado Springs, CO

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  • Mrs. Kay Simmeth

    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist MA, MFT


    2490 Honolulu Ave Ste 135 Montrose, CA

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  • Mr. Robert Gray

    Licensed Professional Counselor MA, LPC, CRC BCCC


    Robert B Gray Counseling & Disability Management, Houston, DE

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  • Mr. Sherman Glenn

    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist MA, LMFT

    Sherman Glenn, Founder and Director of Counseling Associates, has over 40 years of experience helping people with problems like yours. He was awarded a BA in Psychology, MRE in Education, a MA in Psychology, Standard ...


    Counseling Associates / Family Medical Group, 911 E Tuolumne Rd Turlock, CA

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