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  • Mrs. Hilary Akman

    Licensed Mental Health Counselor LMHC, LPC

    Are you too depressed and overwhelmed to drive to a counseling appointment and sit in a crowded waiting room? Is your Social Anxiety so severe that you are unable to get the help you know you ...


    Online Counseling Solutions, 1775 South Flamingo Road. Davie, FL

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  • Rev. Janine King

    Licensed Professional Counselor MS, LPC, NCC

    For Couples: I specialize in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. This is the fastest growing evidence-based approach to treating relationship distress. Research shows that 90% of couples who go through EFT experience significant improvement in their relationship. ...


    Gentle Streams Counseling, 4120 E Fountain Blvd Ste O-13 Colorado Springs, CO

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  • Mr. Josh Spurlock

    Licensed Professional Counselor MA, LPC


    The Relationship Center, 2131 S. Eastgate Ave. Springfield, MO

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  • Mrs. Heath Wise

    Licensed Professional Counselor MA, LPC, CST, CSAT

    Whether you are in a crisis in your family or you are single and just want to improve your relationships, counseling can greatly impact the outcome. Having a supportive professional listen to your specific situation and ...


    Center for Relationship Health, 30 Cumberland Ave. Asheville, NC

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  • Ms. Barbara Kohler

    Licensed Professional Counselor MS, CRC, LPC, NCC


    223 Commerce Street Suite B Greenville, NC

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