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  • Mr. Andrew Henderson

    Licensed Professional Counselor MA, LPC


    Professional Counseling Srvs, 37677 Professional Center Dr Ste. 135-C Livonia, MI

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  • Mr. Matt Pavlik

    Licensed Professional Counselor MA, LPCC-S

    Help with recovery from infidelity, poor self-image, abuse, neglect, and trauma. Help with communication, promoting understanding, forming a strong Christian identity, career counseling, and conflict resolution. Help for Marriages and Individuals.


    New Reflections Counseling, Inc., 267 Regency Ridge Dr. Dayton, OH

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  • Mr. Steve Megli

    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist MA, LMFT

    Clients who want services and are willing to learn and be receptive to learning.


    Christian Counseling Ministry, Inc., 803 Overland Trl. Enid, OK

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  • Mr. Curtis Mulder

    Licensed Mental Health Counselor MA, LMHC


    10103 N Division St Ste 109 Spokane, WA

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  • Dr. Shawn Hales

    Psychologist (licensed) Psychologist (licensed)

    Discovery. Imagination. Hope. Trust. Development. Character. Optimism. These are qualities I delight in. My professional work is informed out of my rich experiences as a mentor, psychologist, entrepreneur, professor, public speaker, educational researcher, and parent. My ...


    Clarity Centers, 305 W Chesapeake Ave Ste 501 Towson, MD

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