Mr. Kevin Uzri

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC


Focus on the Family's Christian Counselors Network

I believe in helping people put the pieces back together. I specialize in trauma issues, self esteem, depression, sex addiction and sexual trauma. Often trauma has a long lasting, but unknown effect on people. Resolving trauma leads to previously unknown levels of fulfillment. When a persons self-esteem is well functioning, their relationships often are also connected and intimate. Sexual addiction is treated in a stigma-free manner. I treat my clients with dignity throughout the process and facilitate a shame-free recovery. I specialize in trauma and addictions because I am a recovered addict with 13 years sobriety. I understand intimately that addictions are a means to meet a need and that recovery has to include finding new healthy ways to meet that same need, not simply stopping behaviors. Our office also provides Neurofeedback which trains the brain to get "unstuck". Anxiety, depression and moods holding your thoughts hostage. Neurofeedback helps to rewire the brain to function normally. It does not require talking about your past or medications!. It simply makes the feelings less distressing.

At Heart Matters we specialize in Trauma, addiction and relationship recovery, we have 6 counselors so we can find the best therapist to meet your needs. We use classical counseling along with Neurofeedback and EMDR which have been proven effective trauma treatments and other mood and cognitive dysfunctions. We offer marital counseling where both spouses have their own counselor. We meet individually and joint with both counselors so we better meet your individual and marriage relationship needs. We also offer 3-day and 5-day intensives for trauma and addiction issues.

▪ From: $100 to: $120
▪ Sliding Scale: No
▪ Accepted payment methods: Discover, American Express, Health Savings Account, Visa, Cash, Mastercard, Check
▪ Offers free initial face-to-face visit: Yes
▪ Offers free phone consultations: Yes
▪ Accepting new clients: Yes
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        • Heart Matters, 13550 Northgate Estates Dr. Ste. 200, Colorado Springs, CO, 80921-7653


        • Men's Issues
        • Sexual Abuse [Perpetrators]
        • Sexual Abuse [Victims]
        • Sexual Addiction/Pornography
        • Homosexual Issues
        • Anger Management
        • Anxiety
        • Depression
        • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
        • Marriage
        • Pre-Marital
        • Singleness
        • Spiritual Issues
        • Teenagers
        • Trauma/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

        Client Focus

        • Adults

        Treatment Preferences
        • Neurofeedback
        • EMDR
        • Emotionally Focused
        • Trauma Focused

        • Individuals